tiistai 12. helmikuuta 2019

Around the world, origami is growing in popularity as well as complexity

 But complexity is not the only goal for origami artists, nor should it be for scientific applications. Beauty can arise from simplicity and so can understanding.

Learn a new skill

One good way to keep your brain active is learning a new skill.
Art & Craft Boutiqe Luova Linna in Jyväskylä has many interesting Workshops during spring 2019!

More Information and direct Link to Art and Craft Boutiqe Luova Linna website click on link below:
Luova Linna kevään kurssit

Origami Workshop on Saturday on 23.2.2019  at 14-16

keskiviikko 7. helmikuuta 2018

Neuroscience and Brain Training help us to improve our lives..

Launching a new concept is always exciting.  
I'm currently in the process of building new training program to improve our creativity.